Brave Age Films is a broadcast film production company that specializes in all spectrums of Natural History film production from research, scripting, filming to post production including sound and DI. The company works in tandem with broadcast and exhibitions channels to create films that meet common strategies and have elements of timelessness in them.


Factual Content and Research

With more than a decade-having our ears on the ground, our research team delves deeply into film subjects using a 360 degree approach where issues are looked into holistically. Whether during pre- scripting  stage, filming and even through post production, we always keep an eye on the film’s story so keeping with factual programming, we can deliver a compelling film that has timelessness in it.

Compelling Subjects & stories

Constant engagement in the field and forums across the length and breadth of the land, help us understand important issues and stories that are compelling watching for audiences across the world, and have inspired people to hope and action. 


DI, Sound & Outputs                               

 Depending on the film, its storyline, and protagonists, we zero onto locations, having unique access that will allow us to take breathtaking visuals and moments to the editing table using innovative filming techniques. 

Location Recce, Liasoning & Filming

We use state of the art DI technique to take the filmed visuals to the desired outputs as required. We know that visuals accompanied by world-class audio takes films to an outstanding professional level and our team delves into creating multiple audio tracks that include foley sounds, pertinent ambiance and more and our projects at an average have 24 tracks of sound that are mixed for a perfect blend of background sound, music, and voice.


Climate change and environmental issues are one of the greatest concerns faced by our planet in the 21st century and an increasing human population competes for space and natural resources, rapidly degrading pristine forest areas that support myriad life species. These forest in turn giving us life sustaining elements like clean air and groundwater. Land available on the planet is under further pressure, compounded by rising oceans, increasing desertification and deforestation. Brave Age Films looks towards making films that delve into issues that effect people and the planet and associates with organisations, individuals and production companies that are committed to working in this direction.

Bastion of the Giants- Feature Film

Bastion of the Giants looks at the picturesque, unique and biodiverse wetland wildlife habitats of North Eastern India fed by the mighty river Brahmaputra and its tributaries and supporting a tremendous wealth of flora and fauna, among them the Asian Elephant; a flagship species that needs large areas to roam in thus ensuring protection of large forest areas, but also leading to man-animal conflicts as a large portion of the world’s exploding human population lives around these ancient elephant forests, rapidly converting these forests into crop plantation and other human use, thus forcing Elephants to enter human areas either seeking food or then crossing them as migratory corridors. Bastion of the Giants delves into the challenges of conserving these Elephant habitats, which are also havens for other endangered wildlife including the Indian Rhino and the Bengal Tiger amongst many others. All these remaining forests across the world are home to amazing wildlife, but are also generators and reservoirs for precious fresh water, refreshing underground water and hold together soil layers that have taken thousands of years to generate.

"The elephants require a very long range and if we cannot provide them unhindered movement, then I think, it is going to be a very big risk that we are running for the animal."

- MK Yadava, Park Director, Kaziranga

"If we lose one by one species like this, what can man do? How he will survive?"


D.D. Boro,Assistant Conservator of Forests,Assam Forest Department



-Winner-Best Feature Film- Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York

​-Winner- Isla Earth Conservancy Award of Merit, Catalina Film Festival, Avalon, California

-Winner-Gold Award for Excellence-Sound Design Non Fiction Film Indian Documentary Producers' Association

-Winner-Silver Award for Excellence-Best Environment and Wildlife Film-Indian Documentary Producers' Association

​-Best Film Documentary Short International Movie Award, Indonesia

-Winner- Audience Award, Catalina Film Festival, Avalon, USA

-Finalist- Wild Vaasa International Film Festival, Finland

​-Finalist- WWF- Malasia Wildlife Award, Kuala Lumpur Eco festival

-Nominated Film for Category: Wildlife Conservation (National) Above 30 Min, CMS VATAVARAN November 2017

​-Official Selection- Naturvision, Germany​

-Official Selection- Festival de Menigoute, France
-Official Selection- Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia 

​-Official Selection- Barents Ecology Film Festival, Russia

​-Official Selection- Kala Ghoda Film Festival, Mumbai
-Official Selection- Awareness Film Festival, Los Angeles
-Official Selection- Bushwick Film Festival, New York
-Official Selection- Columbia George International Film Festival, USA

-Official Selection- Muskoka Film Festiva, Ontario, Canada
-Official Selection- Lake Erie Arts and Film Festival, USA

​-Official Selection- Godollo International Nature Festival, Hungary

-Official Selection- Cinema on the Bayou, USA


Wetlands - Miracles in Mumbai

In times of climate emergency and rising sea levels cities like Mumbai are still blessed with Wetland forests and mangroves that protect the city from the harsh action of the sea. The film for the first time in 4k UHD covers primarily Mumbai's 4 wetland habitats of Thane creek, Charkop wetlands, Bhandup and Oshiwara Lokhandwala.


The film WETLANDS-MIRACLES IN MUMBAI is directed, cinematographed and written by filmmaker Sumesh Lekhi,  produced by Brave Age Films in association with Sunita Menon and Rashmmi Menon of Asure Production for Epic Channel Networks Pvt.Ltd.


The film takes audiences on a journey through the lesser known rich biodiversity and natural wetland ecosystems that the maximum city of Mumbai has to offer. The film delves into these wetland habitats and the myriad species that manage to survive and even thrive in the midst of dense human habitation and the hustle bustle of regular city life.  The film covers various avian species such as Greater Flamingos, Lesser Flamingos, Western Swamphens,  Moorhens, Cormorants, Bronze-winged Jacanas, White-breasted Waterhens,  Pied Avocets,  Northern Shovelers, Pond Herons, Night Herons, Ruddy-breasted Crakes, Lesser-whistling teals, Spot-billed Ducks, Gargeneys to name a few. 


Filming all these species of birds was exciting as well as a challenging job. Sumesh Lekhi has spent a decade researching and working in conservation and in his words

"It was exciting to put all our gear into swamp mode. We specially made hides to film from and would get behind the hide much before sunrise so that the birds were not aware of our presence and did not feel disturbed. Keeping equipment steady and filming flamingos was challenging on the creek's waves, but nevertheless the magnificent presence of the biodiversity was always inspiring. The film celebrates Mumbai's wetlands and showcases them in all their beauty and at the other end of the spectrum-also witnessing the constant pressure on Wetlands due to modern urban development activity. Hope through the efforts of many conservationists and through the film, lawmakers will give increasing importance to protection and enhancement of wetlands and forests."


Return of the Tigers

Realm of the Tigers

Series : 40 mins * 3


 The Tigers

of Central India

Series : 40 mins * 3

42 mins


Director | Cinematographer | Writer


Producer | Sound



Sumesh Lekhi is a Chartered Accountant, natural history DOP and Filmmaker, specializing in Natural History and human element subjects. His work in Conservation for the past decade and interactions with human cultures living in wildlife dominated landscapes have given him a deep understanding of man animal subjects. These have translated into projects and scripts that capture the essence and details of subjects, while using screenplay and story to present these narratives with simplicity to audiences.

The genre of the films takes him to terrains, with rigorous requirements of field craft and camera work in uncontrolled conditions and set designs.

He has a penchant for latest camera techniques and post production workflows till Broadcast. Between extensive outdoor shoots and studio time, he spends time working on Conservation projects with Forest Wildlife Departments and Environmental Education Outreach sessions. He has also been a jury member of Film Forums to judge technical aspects of film making.


Rashmi Lekhi is Producer at Brave Age Films and is at the fore front of location recce/co-ordination and the production workflow. With the natural history projects, she is in touch with the team on location- on the film subject’s movement and behaviour and co-ordination of shoots appropriately. She has a penchant for sound production aspects of the film and is also the sound recordist on the projects, ensuring that once the visuals of the film come alive on screen, the sound compliments them, enhancing the audience’s experiences and taking them right into habitats and landscapes. As Producer she works for the outreach of the projects taking them to audiences across the globe, especially taking the conservation message across to the new generation through screening programmes across schools and colleges. She  also co-ordinates screenings across other awareness events.  Her team also promotes eco-tourism, so that more people are able to spend time in the outdoors and connect with their natural environment and people closely connected with the same.


Outreach | Production


Mayur Dev's passion for wildlife has made him spend years in wild landscapes, especially the Western Ghats of India with their Giants-Asian Elephants, thus allowing him to handle natural history film production's demanding aspects on the field. He has a penchant for communication and works on the outreach of Brave Age Films' conservation narratives to various platforms-digital, sales, educational and more.

An ace aquascaper, he is known for his notable aquascaping designs alongwith the Japanese company Aqua Designs Amano (ADA), creating miniature aquatic biotopes as a way of letting everyday folks connect with the natural world, believing that engaging with the younger generation is the foremost way of protecting the environment by allowing children to have a stake in the conservation of their natural world.

He is also a trained chef and restauranteer, especially contributing to the ecotourism industry.


Project | Research


Dr. Timm Döbert is a global change ecologist who studies and documents anthropogenic impacts on natural ecosystems. Strongly dedicated to the conservation of South(east) Asian tropical forest habitats and their increasingly threatened flora and fauna. He actively contributes towards the development of a strategic plan for the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. He is working on human pressures in Central India's tiger landscape. Pursuing his Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Alberta, Canada, he investigates the impacts of livestock on grassland and forest ecosystems across global biomes. His tropical ecology research has been featured in scientific journals , scientific blogs as well as popular science outlets. An active member of both the Canada as well as Australia/New Zealand Chapters of the Explorer’s Club, a prestigious international society for eminent explorers and scientists. His passion for conservation films was largely inspired by a face-to-face meeting with the legendary natural history filmmaker Sir David Attenborough in the Bornean rainforests.


Writer | Research


Karen Yadav Tewari's work as a nature photographer and writer has been published in many notable forums. Her limited edition book, a compilation on the flora, fauna and adventures in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, was released with the blessings of late Dr Abdul Kalam, Former President of India. An ace nature photographer, artist and writer, she has a deep passion for nature and the environment and an in-depth understanding of animals and their ecology. 

Taking her vision of conservation to the next generation, Karen is now Founder/Director of Kidventure Camps at Goa, aimed towards instilling a bond within the new generation towards nature and to help them gain a deeper understanding of our natural world.

Karen currently lives in Goa with her husband, two kids and a menagerie of animals.


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Bastion of the Giants- Official Trailer

A journey into the challenges of the survival of the Asian Elephant and wildlife in the bio-diverse verdant North Eastern Jungles of India, amidst human-animal conflicts as human populations burgeon around these ecological hotspots and ancient elephant lands, competing with wildlife for space and natural resources. How a nation steeped in spirituality that is born out of nature will have to rise up to the task of protecting India’s wild heritage and how political will and educating local people and offering them livelihood opportunities from the conservation process itself and showing them that forests are their investments for the future, will go a long way in conservation. “Bastion of the Giants” is an odyssey into the picturesque unique wetland canvases and the spectacular wildlife in them and how protection of flagship and keystone wildlife species, by forest departments and governments with support of local people and researchers, leads to the conservation of a diaspora of fauna and flora, ultimately leading to the preservation of human life itself; as climate change and species extinction now becomes one of the biggest challenges faced by newer generations-bold collective action being the need of the hour.



Watch Wetlands - Miracles in Mumbai

Epic On

The film takes audiences on a journey through the lesser known rich biodiversity and natural wetland ecosystems that the maximum city of Mumbai has to offer. The film delves into these wetland habitats and the myriad species that manage to survive and even thrive in the midst of dense human habitation and the hustle bustle of regular city life.  The film covers various avian species such as Greater Flamingos, Lesser Flamingos, Western Swamphens,  Moorhens, Cormorants, Bronze-winged Jacanas, White-breasted Waterhens,  Pied Avocets,  Northern Shovelers, Pond Herons, Night Herons, Ruddy-breasted Crakes, Lesser-whistling teals, Spot-billed Ducks, Gargeneys to name a few. 


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