Brave Age Films looks towards making films that delve into issues that effect people and the planet and associates with organisations, individuals and production companies that are committed to working in this direction. Climate change and environmental issues are one of the greatest concerns faced by our planet in the 21st century and an increasing human population competes for space and natural resources, rapidly degrading pristine forest areas that support myriad life species. These forest in turn giving us life sustaining elements like clean air and groundwater. Land available on the planet is under further pressure, compounded by rising oceans, increasing desertification and deforestation.

Brave Age Films is a film production company that specializes in all spectrums of film production from research, scripting, filming to post production including sound and DI. The company works in tandem with broadcast and exhibitions channels to create films that meet their strategies and have elements of timelessness in them.

Research: With more than a decade-having our ears on the ground, our research team delves

deeply into film subjects using a 360 degree approach where issues are looked into holistically. Whether during pre-scripting stage, filming and even through post production, we always keep an eye on the film’s story so keeping with factual programming,

we can deliver a compelling film that has timelessness in it.

Compelling Subjects and stories: Constant engagement in the field and forums across the length and breadth of the land, help us understand

important issues and stories that are compelling watching for audiences across the world, and have inspired people to hope and action. 

Location Recce, Liasoning and Filming: Depending on the film, its storyline and protagonists, we zero onto locations, having unique access that will allow us to take breath taking visuals and moments to the editing table using innovative filming techniques.  d

DI, Sound and Outputs: We use state of the art DI technique to take the filmed visuals to the desired outputs as required. We know that visuals accompanied by world class audio takes films to an outstanding professional level and our team delves into creating multiple audio tracks that include foley sounds, pertinent ambience and more and our projects at an average have 24 tracks of sound that are mixed for a perfect blend of background sound, music and voice.

"The elephants require a very long range and if we cannot provide them unhindered movement, then I think, it is going to be a very big risk that we are running for the animal."

- MK Yadava, Park Director, Kaziranga

"If we lose one by one species like this, what can man do? How he will survive?"


D.D. Boro,Assistant Conservator of Forests,Assam Forest Department

Bastion of the Giants- Feature Film

Bastion of the Giants looks at the picturesque, unique and biodiverse wetland wildlife habitats of North Eastern India fed by the mighty river Brahmaputra and its tributaries and supporting a tremendous wealth of flora and fauna, among them the Asian Elephant; a flagship species that needs large areas to roam in thus ensuring protection of large forest areas, but also leading to man-animal conflicts as a large portion of the world’s exploding human population lives around these ancient elephant forests, rapidly converting these forests into crop plantation and other human use, thus forcing Elephants to enter human areas either seeking food or then crossing them as migratory corridors. Bastion of the Giants delves into the challenges of conserving these Elephant habitats, which are also havens for other endangered wildlife including the Indian Rhino and the Bengal Tiger amongst many others. All these remaining forests across the world are home to amazing wildlife, but are also generators and reservoirs for precious fresh water, refreshing underground water and hold together soil layers that have taken thousands of years to generate.