Technical work we do

Latest Filming Techniques

While Filming our purpose is to take the audience to the landscape or visual that we are filming techniques, to achieve this we use latest filming to showcase our stories. We use JIBS and Cranes so that cameras can reach beyond the edge of the boundaries in order to give the audience a feel of the height and depth of the landscapes.

Very often we want to give the audience an animal point-of-view movement like  as if the animal is walking by the river etc so certain techniques are used including slider shots. . Hyperlapses are also used to give a sense of vastness  even while having an element of timelapses.

Editing and Colour Grade

We use state of the are facilities for our Editing and cColour grading. During Edit ad Colour Grade sessions our main aim is to give the audience a feel of what the crew experienced while filming, such as the greys of the cliffs, the reds of the stones, the browns of the separation of foliage with splashes of green. In order to achieve these effects and feel we use high end software solutions that combines professional 8K editing, color correction and visual effects.

Audio Capabilities:

ISound is a very important aspect of our work. In order to give the audiences a very immersive and multi-layered experience, we mix almost 18 tracks of ambiance sounds. We also create foley sounds at our studio. Our digital audio workstations are powered with  mixers, EQ and dynamics processing, sample level audio editing and ADR tools.