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  • Sumesh Lekhi


Over the years, one reads and hears many wildlife tales that are special, seeming fantasy-like, where the boundaries of experiences have been pushed. Happy through travels and filming, have been humbled by the opportunity of reliving some of these tales in real time and many more to be told.

TADOBA's Kolsa Range: Endearing days spent here.

While filming tigers, have tried to study tiger families or tiger stories that are from jungle areas less explored/far off/best kept secrets or inspiring stories that could be told with deeper research and canvas, weaving in many aspects of the forest. We have fortunately been able to film tiger families that are not so exposed to humans and when you have sightings of these tiger families, they tend to give insights into tiger lives & behavior that are quite distinct from the more popular tigers that are tourist friendly and more sought after, being easier to sight and film.

One such forest that has given us endearing experiences is the Kolsa Range of TATR(Tadoba). It is well said about this range that many days may go by without a sighting but when the jungle decides to put on a show, they turn out to be truly remarkable. Fortunately, Kolsa range with its best kept tiger secrets has given us some very enriching experiences when it comes to studying and filming tiger behavior, especially behavior with unconventional insights. Couple of seasons back: We were waiting for a tigress and her cubs to arrive during the hot days of May. The only thing we consciously changed from those days are that for many schedules since, we use only reusable glass/steel cups. One of the images shows an evening spent with a tiger family in Kolsa, among the many heartwarming and soul touching experiences we have had here. Experiences I look forward to reliving with audiences in our upcoming film series. Note: Most tiger sojourn experiences and memories are mixed in with the resorts most people stay in, but with Kolsa, especially in earlier seasons, the experiences on the whole were very very raw as one had to rough it out at humble abodes by the highway and then take the 40 min journey to and fro from the gates to spend time with the tigers at Kolsa. Cheers to wildlifers and photographers who have visited this rare gem of a range. #tadoba #tatr #tiger #conservation #film #cubs #jungles #forestsLover

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