• Sumesh Lekhi

Spotting Pochards

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Diwali TREAT to get on camera! When you are out on urban mode, but like any other time, cant resist heading to the closest birding delight and then rewarded with a treat- 6 COMMON POCHARDS at Bhandup Pumping Station- 4 adult males. From an open patch, we then traverse across the "still-in-Mumbai-monsoon" dense and drenched vegetation to take cover near the creek and while filming water birds, these 6 beauties enter the frame. First time we are seeing them around the birding areas we frequent south of Thane. The white shirt just didn't help though, to crawl through the undergrowth. Just for info these rare birds are classified as VULNERABLE in IUCN's list and migrate from Europe and northern Asia into Africa, South and East Asia and Indian Subcontinent for wintering. Likely to be seen more in Northern India it is great to see them here. #wetlands #mumbai #pochards #stunningwildlife #urbanjungle


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