• Sumesh Lekhi

Saving Vultures from Extinction

A POSTER we have made for one of our film projects and have been sharing with forest department and experts. It is very important that doctors, vets, farmers, patients all across our landscapes know that this drug DICLOFENAC has WIPED out VULTURE species across INDIA. Please spread this message in your own way and every way that this drug has banned, but it is still being used and many people are are unaware on its devastating effects. If you'll want to, please feel free to share this poster or even write in if a higher resolution poster is required. DON'T USE pain killer DICLOFENAC, USE MELOXICAM INSTEAD.

BRIEF: 95% TO 99% of the VULTURE POPULATION IN INDIA has been WIPED OUT IN 2 DECADES ALONE. It is SHOCKING BUT TRUE that these birds we TAKE FOR GRANTED in the ECOSYSTEM are NEAR EXTINCTION in MOST STATES OF INDIA UNLESS URGENT ACTION IS TAKEN. You'll would have noticed that vultures are not seen in our towns, villages and even during jungle safaris in most parts of India. That is because of the devastating effect of this drug-most of the vultures have been wiped out. Even huge cities like Mumbai had vulture populations that would clean up the city ecosystem, but the city does not have them anymore.

The culprit pain killer called DICLOFENAC is given mainly to cattle and also to humans. Yes, the introduction of a simple pain killer has wiped out our vultures.

THE WAY AHEAD:- Education of cattle owners, veterinarian, doctors and the public at large not to use the banned pain killer DICLOFENAC and instead shift to the much safer replacement called MELOXICAM.

If you would like to connect with vulture experts who have had great success in helping vulture populations recover to certain extent in some pockets, do let us know and we would be happy to connect you'll.

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