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day ie 16th April, 2010 when introduced tigress T1 gave birth to her first litter of cubs. It was on this day 10 years back when celebrations were boundless for the conservation community especially the MP Forest Department and Panna's heroic team. Mr. Rangaiah Sreenivasa Murthy, Panna Tiger Reserves Field Director(2009-2015) led the heroic operations and his message is here. The celebrated image is of the moment when tigress T1 was lying down in the depth of the gorge while her cubs suckled. The image was taken from the top of the gorge as the special ops team monitored the tiger family. Initially 2 tigresses were introduced into Panna Tiger Reserve and settled down. Then a male tiger was introduced. He left Panna almost as soon as he was introduced into the park. This was the turning point for the Reintroduction program as Panna could possibly have tigers only if a male settled in. Then started a rigorous and grueling 30 days 24/7 operation that involved more than 70 team members before the male tiger was located. He had traveled almost 400 kms before he was found. He later successfully settled into Panna Tiger Reserve and from there the inspiring story continued and became precedent for MEGA-CARNIVORE CONSERVATION model across the globe. In one of the images the team is seen as they monitor tiger movement and location from the top of a gorge. Gorges can be quite deep with cave like structures in the sides where tigers can settle into making their radio collar signals weaker and the tracking process even more challenging. In the days when the male tiger had ventured out of Panna, even getting his signals were a challenge, which they ultimately triumphed over. Image 4: the whole team in deep discussion on the operations. The image with the whole Panna team shows what it takes for Forest departments to save our wildlife and forests- where even their family members have to commit their lives alongwith our serving officers, guards and every member of the department. The tradition of conservation continues with Field Director PTR Mr.K.S.Bhadauria, DD Mr.Ishwar Jarande, DFO Mr.Anupam Sahay and their teams with programs that include village awareness programs and involving them in protection drives alongwith NGOs like The Last Wilderness Foundation. WILDLIFE PROTECTION TODAY HAS BECOME AMONG THE TOP PRIORITIES FOR PLANET EARTH. Our forest protection forces have to withstand some of the toughest conditions and operations where the front-line teams are constantly exposed to dangers in the most unforgiving terrains, climatic conditions. The Panna Success Story is a testament to the commitment of our Forest teams. The story stands for and salutes every brave-heart who has dedicated their lives to protect wildlife and forests, giving us clean air and water, as many rivers actually originate from forest areas and remain pristine while passing through forests for example the Ken River in Panna. As part of the CONSERVATION FRATERNITY we express gratitude to the forest departments of the World. One of the images shows the Panna Birthday Celebrations from the previous year. We have realized how MOTHER NATURE can humble us when she wants to. Hope the World and humans settle down soon and stay safe. Long back it was already our turn to make sure our forests and wildlife are safe. Lets do it now. WE LOOK FORWARD TO CHERISHING WHAT MOTHER NATURE STANDS FOR as we celebrate the 10 years of success at Panna Tiger Reserve. We are happy to be able to film this momentous journey, spend time with some of the most inspiring people, witness fabulous landscapes and wildlife. Happy that Panna's wildlife including tigers opened up their secret lives to us while we spent time with them. Photo credits: Mr.Rangaiah Sreenivasa Murthy and his team, MP Forest Department #tigerconservation #conservation #tiger #panna #emeraldforest #emerald #mptourism #mpstate

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