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  • Sumesh Lekhi

Emerald Forest BTS

While working on our film series Emerald Forests at Panna Tiger Reserve. With naturalist R.P.Omre, drivers Bhoopat, Ganesh and wildlifer Abhinav who joined us at times, we were happy that we could spend time with almost every single guide at Panna, listening to their lives and stories. Each fabulous wildlife sighting and sequence carries a lifelong memory of the guide who was there on that occasion.

On this trip guide Ramesh(extreme right in the photo) joined us and he is called the leopard king for a reason. Seeking out a particular wildlife subject and its sighting is an endeavor in patience and tracking, but capturing it in an uncontrolled natural setting with best lighting in the situation, angle and composition brings it together and drivers Bhoopat and Ganesh naturalist and guides followed my instructions perfectly, like an extension of my mind, knowing where to place the jeep so that the best angles could be sought. Dote on all of you and the Brave Age Films team!

On top of one of Panna's gorgeous ravines and canyons having sheer 100-200 metre cliffs.

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