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Some snapshots of our bee boxes at weekend home(extended months now)at Malavali-Sahyadris in this presentation video from Brave Age Films-an educational video narrated and made by Rashmi on the importance of bees & other pollinators and challenges they face. Oct onwards good time to start beekeeping. Bees-super species crucial for the ecosystem. Thought we could do our bit for local ecosystem by keeping bee boxes. Full quality video here:

You can take up urban beekeeping even on your building terraces, bungalows, resorts. Can learn from local beekeepers and even do a course on beekeeping. A decade back I spent a few days at our weekend home in the Sahyadris so that could drive down to Pune every morn and do a course on beekeeping at Central Bee Research and Training Institute from where eventually got the bee boxes you see in this video and the bee colonies.

We do not harvest the honey. Though if one wanted that would be the sweet part of this eco-activity too. We also do not maintain the queen guard that you see in the video through which bees go in and out. This way the queen can leave with the colony when she wants to another pasture and the colony can then return when they want. Oct/Nov is a great time to work on your colonies.

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